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The worlds first QR code-based open banking payments to support third sector donations.

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Benefits of Using Evershare

No Credit/Debit Card Fees | No Card Readers
No Set Up Fee | Instant bank-to-bank Payment | Ultra Low-Cost

Our Partners

Sign up as a charity

Making it easier for you to receive donations.

Add QR code to marketing materials

Add your unique QR to cards, menus, banners, flyers, making it super simple for your donors to scan and make a donation. Integrate our QRs into your marketing materials and start collecting cashless donations straight away.



How do we compare

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So how much will it cost you?

Evershare enables ultra low cost donations from your supporters. According to the Charities Aid Foundation YouGov poll, the average donation in 2020 was £25.

With Stripe, that donation would cost you 57p. Visa would cost 46p and Paypal it would be 55p per average donation

With Evershare a £25 donation would only cost 17.5p – making us the lowest cost cashless payment provider in the UK
If you took 1000 average payments that would mean a saving of almost £400 compared to Stripe!

Your own donor page

• Simple set up of your donations request page
• This will control what your donors see when they scan the QR
• Track your Donations in real time
• See how and where your donors react to your marketing campaigns


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Evershare uses bank to bank cashless payments which are protected by two layers of security.
No new bank accounts are needed as the payments and donations pass straight from your donor to your bank account.
Our service works with every major UK bank and Evershare has no access to this payment flow.